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Our Angels are in a broad variety of sectors, from tackling environmental harms through to NFTs. Our entrepreneurs demonstrate the application of vigorous SHAPE research in their ventures.

This means impact: making a meaningful difference to the world around us.
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SHAPE entrepreneurs are motivated by problem solving and generating measurable impact within their sector, in society and on culture. This does not mean that the venture has to be non-profit, or a social enterprise. It can be mission-driven to make a positive difference backed by solid research and quantitative and qualitative metrics.

What we're looking for


SHAPE entrepreneurs prioritise inquiry, analysis, critique, observation, subjectivity, and their understanding of humanity and the environment to build a strong foundation for the success of their venture. In a SHAPE venture, the human element is always key.


We believe that through rigour, SHAPE disciplines present an opportunity to develop clear plans to achieving measurable impact which are informed by insights and can withstand critical enquiry.

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Chances are, if you are reading this you are either working within the social sciences, humanities and arts and looking to commercialise your research or you have a venture already that is supported by research in these areas. At whatever stage of the journey you may be, we are here to help. 

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